Root Canal Treatment.

30 mints painless root canal procedure

Q. why and when is root canal treatment required?

– Decay of the (cavities) if left untreated, generally progress and gradually damaged significant portion of the tooth and reach the pulp of the tooth. The pulp of the tooth is a thin soft tissue present in the tooth canals consists of mainly nerves and blood vessels. This can cause irreparable damage. Damage to the pulp can lead to painful swelling, damage to the jaw bones or muscles, and the formation of abscesses.

Q. what is root canal treatment?

– R.C.T Is the removal of the infected pulp with in the tooth and its replacement by an artificial inert filling material. This procedure basically saves the tooth and eliminates dental pain.

Q. Benefits of Endodontic Treatment?

  • Removal of bacterial infection from tooth
  • Removal of pain
  • Prevention of further spread of infection throughout tooth, to periapical tissue and surrounding bone.

Q. why the root canal treatment at advanced dental care?

– Absolutely painless and extremely comfortable.
– If required it will be completed in single sitting of 60 mints
– performed under strile condition.